Private Label

Where you can beat the Competition

Your competition is everywhere and always seem to be a step ahead of you on amazon, ebay, and every other site, so it’s critical that you retain your customers and create new ones. Developing a private brand can help you grow customers 10x faster, avoid head- to-head pricing wars, and become an independent profitable business.. You will also not be working for someone else or as an affiliate.

Private Label Brands are now sold in almost every market including mass markets like Walmart

private label supplements and products sales

$30 Billion in worldwide sales is projected for 2015 and close to $40 billion by 2017


You Can Retain Your Customers and Create New Ones

According to industry data, private label brands are rising in sales of up to 10x faster than national brands. Private Label Brands have accomplished this through existing and new-customer growth.  With E commerce sites growing, for example Amazon, Ebay, and Etsy. Industry data also shows that private label brands will help you retain up to 75% of your customers! Private brands have high levels of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, and help you retain customers and create new ones. People placed trust in private label brands for transparency and quality above national brands.

You can be competitive and still make profits

When you develop your private label brand you will be able to avoid head-to-head pricing wars on national brands, even traditionally natural brands.  Your brand can never be sold on the internet unless you choose to do it yourself. You will set the price and the standards of your brand.

When you choose Intermountain Nutrition for private label nutritional supplements, your Brand will receive some of the following points of service:

  • Any custom formula you need
  • Market leading innovation products
  • One of the industry leading Custom Formula labs
  • Customization from color of the bottles to color of capsules
  • Independent laboratory analysis of finished products
  • Dedicated personal sales representative with over 10 years in the industry
  • Efficient speeds of production, packaging, and shipping with 2-4 week turn around
  • FDA and CGMP certified- We are the manufacturer. Many companies our promoting themselves as a manufacturer. Ask if they are CGMP certified. If they are not or they say we adhere to GMP then that means they are not! Know the difference and don’t be fooled.

Whether you want to start your own line of dietary supplements or are seeking to expand your current stock, turn to Intermountain Supplements for a range of private label nutritional supplements. We are an excellent choice for all your private label supplement needs.

GROW YOUR BRAND:. Private Label Supplement E-commerce stores can add a significant new revenue stream. Offering your own line of quality nutritional dietary supplements helps to build client loyalty

TRUTH IN LABELING: We adhere to the highest standards. Registered with the FDA and we also hold a certification of CGMP.  We will never print something that is not to specifications even if you ask us to. Our products contain only the purest and most potent ingredients, guaranteed.

We are proud to manufacture the highest-quality supplements for a range of retail and E commerce companies.  We’ll meet all your private label supplement, design, drop shipping and fulfillment needs, through industry leading customer service.

Create Your Brand In Three Easy Steps

private label supplements and products sales

Intermountain’s 3 easy step process